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These programmable MultiControllers are specially designed for EC-motors. All the MultiControllers are aquipped with the same user interfase, and therefore very easy to operate. They have a number of in- and outputs and a RS485 serial interface with a MODBUS protocol. The MultiController regulate is equipped with 2 regulators with 0-10VDC output and pulse/pauze output for adjustment of heating elements.
An integrated scheduler makes it easy to set up the unit for automatic switch     between individual output signals; up to 10 shifts per day, 7 days a week. The scheduler is equipped with a battery back-up supplying the controller for a minimum of 72 hours in case of power failure.
The controllers are already equipped with a number of standard programs to control fans in function of e.g. Pressure, flow, temperature, Co2 and humidity, but also personalized programs can be written.
Furthermore, the controllers feature Tacho alarm on the display, Modbus interface,
service alert based on the number of operating hours and an integrated SD-card to 
copy the settings.

Various accessories are available including a range of sensors and potentiometers.


15-30VDC or 24 VAC +/-15% or 230Vac / 50Hz +/-10%
Controle type
Manual or through 2 inputs 0-10VDC (7kOhm)
On front controller
Indicator lamp
Different programs, depending on model.
Other settings
Different settings, depending on model.
230Vac not controlled (3A) and 2 outputs 0-10VDC (10mA)
Terminal Block
Plastic IP40 or IP54, surface , DIN-rail or panel mounting.


Special for ventilation systems equipped with EC motors.
All Multi Controllers are equipped with the same user interface, making it very easy to operate,
An integrated SD card to copy the settings.
High quality and low price, easy installation.