Pressure box
Pressure box
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A versatile pressure sensor equipped with 1 or 2 pressure sensors and the possibility to choose amongst predefined pressure areas 0-7000Pa. The measured pressure can be read through the 0-10V/4-20mA output signal or via ModBus protocol. If you use the ModBus protocol the Pressurebox can be used as compilation point for 2 temperature sensors (NTC or PT1000) and digital inputs such as filter guard etc. All readable through Modbus.
To measure flow instead of pressure, the K-factor is entered into the pressurebox.
By setting an internal setpoint he pressurebox can be used as a simple VAV/CAV controller.
The PressureBox is available for other pressure areas, with dual pressure sensor and with or without display.

40748 is equipped with ModBus only. No 0-10V output nor digital input is available.
40761 is equipped with 0-10V output only. No ModBus nor digital input is available.


24 Vac/Vdc +/-15%
Controle type
Pressure control
Internal setting
0-7000Pa according model.
Maximum pressure
0-7000Pa according model.
0 - 10V, 4 - 20mA, ModBus RS485
Terminal Block, pressure hose Ø4mm
Plastic IP54, surface , 65x145x40mm.


Special for ventilation systems. 
High quality and low price.
Easy installation